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JUNE 2022: Thirty-year-old Tongor is a single mother of three children (ages 15
to 10) living in Gbapa, Nimba County.  Tongor provides for her family through
subsistence farming.  She recounted the sad story of supporting her long-term
boyfriend (and father of her three children) to go to college with hopes he would
acquire a job that would rescue her from a life of generational poverty.
Regrettably, Tongor’s boyfriend was not as faithful as she was and left her and
their three children for someone he met in school.  Tongor gracefully deals with
the harsh reality of getting partial and sporadic support from her children’s father
while still toiling as a subsistence farmer to provide a stable household for her
children.  Tongor is thankful for the gift of a farming supplies Empowerment
Package. The tools go a long way in providing her with extra tools to manage as a
resource to have on hand for those who are willing to help her with the farming
activities.  Thanks to the generous donation from  the Girl Power Africa General
, Tongor will be able to increase her market to help sustain her and her
If you are interested in helping to empower a mother in need, please join us