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RECIPIENT: Solomie – Age 20

EMPOWERED BY: D’Anna Freiberg

Solomie, is a single mother of two. Solomie told Girl Power Africa, (in the Mano dialect, as she doesn’t speak English), that she had gotten burned many years ago, which lead to the loss of both of her feet. Solomie had also told us that her boyfriend left she and the children recently, because she was crippled and he was ashamed to be seen with her. She walked about a mile, with the baby, to come to Girl Power for assistance. Thanks to the generous donations from Dick and D’Anna Freiberg, Solomie will now be able to start her very own business, to help sustain she and her children.

Below are photos of Solomie and Baby Oldma, expressing their gratitude to now be able to successfully start their very own business.

In the interest of saving on paying double transportation on her goods, I had them delivered directly to Solomie’s house by this helpful man on the motorcycle! (see photo below).

Thank you so much Dick and D’Anna, for your generosity and helping to make our world a little better, one Girl at a time. God bless you! 

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Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Detailed descriptions of how everything works is located on the link above.

Thank you all for your caring hearts and for helping to change many women (and families) worlds.