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RECIPIENT: Sia – Age 38

EMPOWERED BY: Sharon Chamberlain

Sia is a 38-year-old widowed mother of 5 children who lives in Sannequillie, Liberia with a 1st grade education.  Her husband of 18 years died of the Ebola virus in 2014. Due to the negative stigma on she and her children, she and her children moved to Nimba County about 4 years ago.  She told Girl Power Africa team: “Moving to a different county where you don’t know anyone has been hard on us. Things are not easy on us. One woman told me to come to you to see if you can help me with something to sell and help myself and my children.”  Thanks to the generous donation from Sharon Chamberlain, Sia will be selling hot meals in the local market to help support her family. Thank you for giving Sia and her family a hand up.

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