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June 2022:  Thirty-year-old Princess was living in her father’s household with her husband and three children in Duazon (Monrovia).  Princess’ father was the main breadwinner for the family.  Princess’ husband did daily labor to mitigate the household budget shortfall. When Princess’ father died, her husband (unaccustomed to the responsibility for providing for his family) abandoned her
and the children. Sometimes in the midst of extreme and sudden life altering problems, one has to seek out those things that they are thankful for, and Princess explained she was thankful for a safe and free place to live in her late father’s household.  This led her to seek out ways to provide for herself and her children, and she reached out to Girl Power. Princess was given a Business Empowerment Package which she used to jump start her business of selling household dry goods
and consumables from her home. A donation from Girl Power Africa’s General Funds has given Princess and her children a hand up.  
If you are interested in helping to empower a mother in need, please join us at