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Recipient: Nowa – Age 55 -60

Empowered by: Sally Kopecky (Mother’s Day gift from her daughter Laura Groenier) Mothers Empowering Mothers for Mother’s Day! Now, THAT is beautiful! Happy Mother’s Day To Sally Kopecky!

Nowa has 3 grown children of her own. Recently her sister in-law died in childbirth, leaving behind 6 children. Due to financial difficulties for Nowa’s brother, the brother was forced to give 2 of her children out to relatives and friends to raise. Nowa took the 6-year-old boy, and the 5-year-old girl was taken by a family friend. Recently, Nowa has been hearing rumors about the horrible condition that the little girl is living under. She feels horrible that she’s unable help the little girl as she and the little boy are barely getting by. With the empowerment gift from Sally Kopecky, Nowa can now afford to take the little girl and give her a better life. No more daily beating and sleeping with hunger…. To expedite getting the little girl sooner, this donation is also helping to pay Nowa’s way to go get her much sooner. Can’t wait to see her and welcome her into her new life. And… be reunited with her brother! It’s hard enough for a child to lose their mother, but it’s even worst being taken away from all she has known and given to a total stranger who treats her worse than shit! This poor child has been through hell. These are photos of Nowa receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start her very own business.