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RECIPIENT: Miamah Kollie – Age 35

EMPOWERED BY: Lana Howard-Meyers

Miamah Kollie is a 35 year old single mother of three. About six weeks ago, Miamah’s son, Prosper Johnson came to Girl Power for help to re-enroll him back in school. He had been kicked out of school due to a lack of finances to pay for his school tuition, uniform and school supplies. He was afraid that he may have to drop out of school if he did not find help. During his interview with Girl Power, it became very clear that the problem had much deeper roots. You see, Miamah Kollie had recently moved from across town hoping that the new neighborhood would bring with it new opportunities for her and her 3 children. After several months of living in the new neighborhood, she met a lady, who happens to be a Girl Power team leader. This team leader brought Miamah in for help. According to Miamah, her husband, the father of her children left her and the kids about a 2 years ago. The little business that she was doing completely went down the drain during the heat of their problems. Since then, she has not been able to “get back on her feet”. She came to us to please help give her a business of her own to enable her to support herself and her children. These are photos of Miamah receiving her new supply of selling goods to successfully re-start her business.