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Recipient: Mercy Farnga -Age 32

Empowered by: Alice Stephens

Mercy has 3 children ages 7, 3 and 1 year. She was recently laid off because her employer could not afford to pay her. Mercy told me that she had credited 400LD ($4.5 USD) which she uses to make Polo (bread like thing). She walks through the varies neighborhoods for about 4-5 hours a day selling the Polo. She makes 100LD ($1.10 USD) profit per day which she and her children use for their daily survival and pays the lady she credited from. Mercy is extremely worried that if her financial condition does not improve now, she may not be able to afford to buy school uniform (which costs $10 USD) for her 7 year old son to go to school next school year. These are photos of Mercy receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start her very own business.