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June 2022:  20-year-old Lovetee and her one-year-old child live with her older
brother.  Lovetee’s parents died during her teenage years and it is customary for
the elder siblings to take responsibility for the care of the younger ones left
behind.  14 persons reside in Lovetee’s brother’s household, and as a subsistence
farmer he is buckling under the cultural pressure to provide not only for his family
but the additional extended family living with him.  Lovetee does farming to
support herself and her child.  She sometimes feels her brother does not care for
her but reality forces her to realize how difficult it must be for her brother to
provide for all of them living in his household because it is labor intensive and
challenging for her to provide for just herself and her son. Lovetee is thankful for
the gift of a farming supplies Empowerment Package which saves her from having
to buy a “cutlass” (machete).  The additional supplies of boots, sharpening file,
bucket is a welcomed bonus.  Thanks to the generous donation from the Girl Power
Africa General Funds
, Lovetee’s goal of growing a larger bitter ball (a local
vegetable from the eggplant family) and okra farm has been met. 
If you are interested in helping to empower a mother in need, please join us