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JUNE 2022: Kou is a 64-year-old mother of five adult children living with her
aging husband in Gbapa, Nimba County. Kou earns a livelihood through
subsistence farming which she says is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain as
she ages.  Her husband is no longer able to assist her due to age related decline and
illness.  Kou’s adult children are also subsistence farmers and sometimes help out
when her resources are low but they are constrained by the reality of assisting mom
and dad while also providing for their families. Kou is thankful for her farming
supplies Empowerment Package. Thanks to the generous donation from  the Girl
Power Africa General Funds
, Kou will be able to increase her market to help sustain
herself and her husband. 
If you are interested in helping to empower a mother in need, please join us