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RECIPIENT: Helen Duo -Age 38

EMPOWERED BY: Britt Meyers Freiberg

At the age of 10, Helen lost her mother. She was raised by a lady who had many children of her own. The lady taught Helen how to sell in the streets of Monrovia. The money Helen earned was used to send the lady’s children to school. Helen told me, ” Old Ma, I always wanted to go to school like the other children, but they always told me my own of work was to sell small-small things. Now I have 3 children of my own and I want them to get the education I don’t get. I told myself all my children will go to school as long as I am living. The man that’s been taking care of me and the children (her boyfriend) don’t respect me. Some time when he’s ready, he can just beat in front of the children. Some time when he come home drunk in the night, he will wake me and the children up and put us outside to bring his girlfriend in the one room we all sleep in. Last night, he put us outside at 3:00 in the morning in the heavy rain that was falling last night. We had to go wake up the neighbor to please open their door for us. When I talk, the man will tell me “women are surplus”. He will change us like he can change clothes. I want to leave him, but how will we eat? How will the children go to school? When I think about all that, I can just stay and bare it. One woman tell me you help people. But I was scary to come”. I told Helen there’s no need to be scared. She’s come to the right place. I assured her that she and the children do not deserve to live like that. No body deserves to live like that! NO BODY!!  With the donation from Britt Meyers Freiberg, we are able to help Helen and her children. These are photos of Helen receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start her very own business.