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RECIPIENT: Harriette – 27 years old

SPONSORED BY: Sue Smith Holman, Mike, Kari and Nick Holman.

Harriette is a 27 years old single mother of 2 very beautiful daughters (Debra is 8 and Cecilia is 3). Harriette was in the 12th grade when life became very difficult for her as a single mother raising 2 children on her own. The end of 2013, she decided to take a semester off and try to get back on her feet… then Lord behold, Ebola came and she lost her job from where she has been working washing clothes for $30.00 USD a month. Since then, she has been unable to find another job. She currently cleans people’s yards in exchange for food for she and the kids. Harriette said her 2016 New Years resolution was to move to a different part of town (closer to her church) to “try” her luck… praying that by getting closer to God, he will hear her cry and open a better door of opportunity for her. I heard about her story from a friend who knows that I have a Girls/Women Empowerment project called (Girl Power!). After meeting Harriette for just few minutes, she stole my heart. She told me that she wanted to sell coal because that’s the business that she has been doing before she had her babies. She said it is fast selling, high profit and can be sold from her house. These are photos of her and the children receiving their bags of coal. This was made possible by the donation from Sue, Mike, Kari and Nick Holman.

May 2018: Harrietta used some of the proceeds from the sales of her goods to send herself back to school. In 2018, Harietta graduated from high school with honors. She was the MC at her graduation program. During the program, she give a beautiful speech giving Girl Power Africa the credit for helping her to complete her high school education.

July 2018: Shortly after graduation, the father of her children saw value in her. He proposed to her and they are now happily married.  Her dream is to go to a nursing school to become a nurse.