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RECIPIENT: Esther Cooper – Age 35

EMPOWERED BY: Lori Kilstrom-Higgins

Please meet 35 years old Esther Cooper who lives in Duazon, Liberia with her children. During the Liberian Civil War, Esther and her family were escaping the gun fires when both her mom and dad got killed. She and her brothers got separated in the process. She walked for few weeks until she reached safety.  A few years ago, she had decided to move back to Monrovia in hopes of finding her brothers but unfortunately she has been unsuccessful in her search. The neighborhood in Monrovia that she and her children had been living was extremely high in criminal activities, so they had moved to Duazon in hopes of a better opportunity. Esther recently heard about Girl Power Africa and came in for assistance. Thanks to the generous donation from Lori Kilstrom Higgins, Esther will be starting her own business.