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Please meet Deborah who has been empowered by all those who collectively collected food grinders which was headed by Tina Hinchley and Jolene McNamee Ibeling.  She is a 32-year-old single mother with 3 children and has a 9th grade education. Deborah and her children had come to her sister in Monrovia for her to go to school in hopes of completing her high school education.  After nine months of being apart from her long term boyfriend, she had gone back home for a vacation.  When she arrived home unannounced, she found out that her long-term boyfriend was now with a new woman who was pregnant for him. Out of frustration, she packed her stuff and moved back to Monrovia with her sister. She came to Girl Power for assistance to please help her to “get back on her feet”.  She is now selling bread in the Girl Power Africa Market.  Please join us at