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RECIPIENT: Cecelia Barcon – Age 49

EMPOWERED BY: Lana Howard Meyers

Cecelia is 49 years old single mother. A few years ago, Cecelia was in a tragic car accident while coming from buying her selling goods from up country. Tragically, nine out of the ten people in the car died at the scene of the accident with the exception of Cecelia. Cecelia’s family were told that she would not survive. Fortunately, Cecelia miraculously survived with serious injuries plus loosing some teeth. Last week, a neighbor of hers, Serena Goah, who is a Girl Power recipient, had noticed that she had not seen Cecelia outside for a few days. When Serena went inside to check on Cecelia, she told Serena that she had a horrible head ach and was unable to lift her head. After hearing Cecelia’s story, I had invited her to come see me. Thanks for the generous donation from Lana Howard Meyers, Cecelia will be able to re-start her business to sustain her and her children.