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RECIPIENT: Beatrice Zawe- Age 44

Empowered by: Silver Leaf Interior, Laura Groenier

Beatrice is a single mom with 6 biological children. Her sister, (Alice, one of our April Girl Power recipients, aka Little Prince’s mom) was in a terrible motor cycle accident about 2 years ago. Since then, Alice was unable to take care of her children. Beatrice took 2 of Alice’s older children until she could get well. That was 2 years ago.In the last week, it has become clear to me that Alice doesn’t have the strength to take care of herself, let alone a child. So, Little Prince is very much alone and neglected because his mom sleeps most of the day. And to make matter worse, Alice is also telling me the reason Little Prince is sickly is because he is a “witch craft boy. He’s always making himself sick.” So, I had decided to intervene and ask Beatrice to also take Little Prince until his mom gets well. Little Prince will be with his siblings and be a kid.Unfortunately, Beatrice is a recovering alcoholic. She’s been clean for about a year. Beatrice supports she and her children by selling fish for a market lady who pays her 600LD (about $6.50) per week.These are photos of Beatrice receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start her very own business.