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RECIPIENT: Annie – Age (she doesn’t know)

EMPOWERED BY: Dawn Lalley and Monica Engel

One day, as I was sitting and working on some Girl Power’s paperwork, a lady came with a rooster for me. That lady was Annie. Annie told Girl Power Africa during her interview that since the death of her husband, life has been very diffitcult on she and the children. She had heard about Girl Power being the area and she brought us a chicken for us to have as our meal. After hearing her story and knowing that the rooster may be her only pride position, we approved her to be empowered. Thank you Dawn and Monica for empowering Annie with her very own business to help sustain she and her children.  Also, we suprised Annie with a matress which was her very first matress as she and children sleep on the floor. Thank you Charmaine Pellitteri for Annie’s mattress.