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Nora’s Success!

On one of our surprise visits, we stopped at Nora Williams place: Nora is doing extremely well! She is now selling, coal, rice by cups, oil, seasonings, peppers, onions, fruits and vegetables, dried fish… she has a little neighborhood convenient table market. Actually, on several occasions, when I am not at home and my cook runs out of onions or coal, she would credit from Nora until I get home. Nora is a very serious and dedicated seller! She t…old me: Ol’ma, because of the help you give me, I am human being now oh. I can go see my children and they can come see me. I feel happy that I can go see them anytime and I can help them with small, small money and things.” Nora made the “Girl Power 2016 top 20 most improved business” list.

48 yrs old Nora Williams has 6 children. Due to financial hardship, she has given out the older 5 to live with other people. The youngest is Big Boy who is 4 years old and lives with she and her husband. The husband is a security guard but has been out of work for about a year. She has been hearing rumors about how some of her kids are being used as child slaves but she hopes that these are just rumors. Nora said as much as she wants to go check on the children periodically , she doesn’t have the money to pay her way. And also, when she gets there, she will need to leave them with something to help themselves. As she told me “Old ma, even if I have the car pay, I can’t just see them and leave. I have to give them something. I’m their ma”. I could easily pay her way, but that really wouldn’t help her. She needs a permanent solution.

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Thank you all for your caring hearts and for helping to change many girls’ (and families’) worlds!