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Naomie came to our GPA registration beaming with pride! She has been promoted to the first grade and only missed a few days of school this year. She is very proud of her success. She continues to live with her grandparents and dreams of becoming a doctor one day. Sponsored by: Maddie Hunt



Naomie did not have a successful school year and it showed on her face and body language when we met with her. She did not pass kindergarten-2 class.  The reasons are unknown.  She also assumed she would lose her scholarship.  What a burden of worry for a little girl to carry.  Thanks to GPA’s amazing sponsors for supporting Naomie’s educational goals and supporting second chances. Sponsored by: Maddie Hunt



Meet Naomie, who has been generously sponsored by Maddie Hunt. She is 5 years old and is going to school for the first time this year, in ABC.  Naomie lives in Gbobayee, Liberia with her grandparents. This little girl was the most persistent child that we’ve ever met!  Naomie was disowned by her father when the mother was pregnant with her. Naomie’s mother dropped her off to her grandparents (father’s parents) saying “your son doesn’t want the child and I don’t have any way to support a child. I don’t want to hurt her. She’s yours.” It’s been 6 months since Naomie’s mother dropped her off. Unfortunately, Naomie’s grandparents do not speak English and Naomie does not speak the Mano dialect (which is the only language that her grandparents speak).  This little girl saw our GPA team and she wouldn’t leave our founder, Bulleh, alone. She told our team: “My ma dashed me on my granma and leave me. I don’t undastan what my granma say and she not unarstan me. Please sen me to schol Oldma”.  

When we accepted Naomie into the GPA program, this little girl couldn’t stop smiling!  She said “I will duce the school!” (Meaning: I will receive the highest grade). Her interests are going to school and she hopes to be a doctor when she grows up.

Photos of Naomie Throughout The School Years: