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Ruth: S831-DEW



Ruth is promoted to second grade and continues to dream of becoming a doctor one day.  She still lives with her mother. Ruth said she wants to be a doctor so she can “buy a big house for her mom”.  Sponsored by: Lori Kilstrom Higgins



Meet eight-year-old Ruth, she is in the first grade and wants to be a doctor one day.  She lives in Dewoblee, Liberia with her mother, her siblings, and other extended family members.  She enjoys singing and helps out with the household chores like drawing water. Access to water is limited in villages like Dewoblee.  One has to walk to a nearby creek or flowing stream to fetch water in a bucket and head tote it back to their house.  Ruth is thankful for the gift of a scholarship. Sponsored by:  Schwab Gives

Photos of Ruth Throughout The School Years: