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Junior: S742-BOA

October 2022


Meet Liberia’s future representative, Junior.  At ten years old Junior shared he desire to be in politics when he grows up.  He wants to be a representative. Liberia’s fiscally challenged economy wreaks havoc on rural, subsistence farming households like Juniors. When an election year draws nigh, representatives campaign in communities like Junior’s with hopes to win votes.  Junior admired the eloquent speeches and promises and bingo, he wants to be a representative.  Well, Liberia needs good representatives who will deliver on their promises. Junior lives with his mother and three siblings in Boapea, Liberia.  His mother could not afford to send him to school; so, at 10 years of age he is still in second grade.  Thanks to GPA amazing sponsor network for providing a safety net for Junior and his family. Sponsored by: D’Anna Freiberg

Photos of Junior Throughout The School Years: