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Dianna: S828-DEW



Dianna has been promoted to the third grade and still aspires to be a nurse one day. She continues to live with her parents. Dianna’s teacher mentioned that she is one of her favorite students, noting how helpful she is in class and her willingness to assist other kids with their assignments.  Sponsored by: Phil Vasby



Meet Dianna, she lives in Dewoblee, Liberia with her parents and four siblings.  She is in the second grade and wants to be a nurse one day. Nurses and health care workers in general are sorely needed in Liberia where access to medical care is challenged by a limited number of health facilities and workers. GPA is honored to walk alongside Dianna and encourage her dream of becoming a nurse.  Dianna’s father had a stroke and is unable to work. She enjoys studying after school and is excited about beginning her school year.  Dianna and her parents are thankful for the gift of a scholarship. Sponsored by:  Warwick Barker

Photos of Dianna Throughout The School Years: