If you give a woman a hand up—teach her a skill, create a mentor program where she can talk with other successful women who have started just where she is, and make her accountablethe rate of success and independence is greatly improved.

The purpose of Girl Power is to empower women to be self-sustaining providers for their families.  Our women are empowered with a $95.00 value of goods that they can sell.  The goods they are given to start is raw coal. This is a commonly used material for heating and cooking in Africa, so it allows them to quickly sell their inventory and decide what product they want to invest their profit in for selling next. 

The images you see are the women picking up their empowerment goods. Many of you have wondered, "What’s in these bags that are bringing such joy." It’s the coal covered by palm leaves to keep it from spilling out.  The excitement and joy on their faces is a sight to behold.  I wish you could all be here to see each of these empowerments in person. But, since that is not possible, I’ve captured many of these moments on video and shared on our Facebook feed. You can also read about many of the women who have been empowered in our Blog.

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